Basic Questions:


  • A CLYRscore is a number that rates how transparently a producer has answered questions about ingredients and manufacturing processes used to make a product, based on 85+ attributes that consumers care about.
  • Each "clear" response (a "yes" or "no" answer) on the CLYRsurvey™ is worth one point. Each "unclear" answer is worth zero points. The CLYRscore is the percentage of "clear" responses out of the total number of questions.
  • Every product with a CLYRscore of 90% or more is shown with a "thumbs up" icon and is eligible for a Spoon Award.


  • Questions are worded to be broadly inclusive across products. Although it may seem odd that a potato chip shows up as "cruelty free" in CLYR, this makes it easier for consumers looking for "cruelty free" products to find the chips.


  • A CLYRprofile is the webpage that contains the CLYRscore, product images, user ratings and comments. We also publish a digital magazine called CLYR, and refer to the digital container for a CLYRscore as a CLYRlabel. 


  • CLYR is currently a free service for consumers to explore products, view CLYRscores, and rate and comment on CLYRprofiles.  Producers may have elected a free listing, or paid for additional benefits (on which we do not provide any refunds, per our terms).


  • CLYRtap is our patent-pending "tap-to-CLYR" experience. Anywhere you see a CLYRtap sticker, just tap your NFC-enabled mobile device to instantly display the product's CLYRscore. This service is only available for products with Pro listings, and requires additional fees for producers (contact us for pricing).


  • All types! It's possible that we haven't heard about a product or received a completed CLYRsurvey™ from certain producers.

Do I need a Smartphone to use CLYR?

  • Not everyone has a smartphone. While certain features of our service may require access to a mobile or desktop device, we invented the Spoon Award to help shoppers identify basic information quickly at the point of sale, even without a gadget in hand.

What's the SPoon Award?

  • Products with a CLYRscore of 90% or higher that also meet additional criteria are eligible for a Spoon Award if the producer requests it:

Other Common Questions:


  • CLYR merely reports what a producer indicates about their product without further verification, and mistakes can always occur in this process. If you are particularly concerned about the status of any food product, you should always independently verify the information with the manufacturer directly.


  • Keeping remarks honest and fair makes CLYR a better experience for all users. While the truth may sometimes result in negative comments, please be respectful. Although as a forum we don't have the obligation to do so, we reserve the right to remove any comments which we believe to be in violation of our terms.

What other industries use the CLYRscore?

  • We began with an emphasis in consumer packaged food products; however, we are currently accepting submissions for other products commonly found in households, the cosmetics aisle, and restaurants.

Are producers supposed to answer questions a specific way?

  • Producers are free to answer the CLYRsurvey as they see fit; however, we encourage them to consider:
    • Yes: if the claim is made on the product package, or could be legitimately made on it;
    • No: if the claim does not appear on the product package, or could not legitimately appear on it;
    • Unclear: if the producer is unable or unclear about whether to answer "yes" or "no."

What if I don't know how to answer a particular question?

  • If you're stuck on whether a particular designation applies to your product, there are many resources on the web--among them, the FDA's Guidance for Industry: A Food Labeling Guide. CLYR does not represent that information provided on our site is necessarily in harmony with any specific standards or guides.

What are "Product Impacts" and how are they calculated?

  • Ingredient Alterations: tells you about how modified certain ingredients are from their natural state, as measured by the ratio of "yes" to "no" to "unclear" answers to the following questions from the CLYRsurvey: No added hormones, No added antibiotics, All natural, No added sulfites, No artificial colors, No artificial flavors, No added nitrates, No added MSG, No artificial sweeteners, No high fructose corn syrup, No hydrogenated oils, Unbleached, Non-irradiated, No stabilizers, No emulsifiers, Minimally Processed, Not from concentrate.
  • People & Planet: tells you about the broader potential impact of a product on humans and the environment, as measured by the ratio of "yes" to "no" to "unclear" answers to the following questions from the CLYRsurvey: Certified Organic, Majority Organic, Certified GMO-free, Majority GMO-free, Certified Fair Trade, Majority Fair Trade, Certified Sustainable, Made with 20%+ Recycled Energy, Made with 20%+ Green Energy.
  • Animal Welfare: coming soon.
  • Please note that not all products have an impact profile yet.


  • If a product is not necessarily "certified" to be fair trade, GMO-free, or organic—but yet the producer indicates that a majority of the ingredients used (e.g. more than 50%) are one of these designations—then a producer may indicate that a "majority" of the ingredients are so designated (without representing the entire product is so certified).  Therefore, any product that is "certified" is also like to be "majority" designated by the producer.

Does the CLYRscore Make any assumptions?

  • If a producer indicates on the CLYRsurvey that a product is Vegan, the CLYRscore initially assumes the following answers: 
    • Yes: Vegetarian, Vegan, Red Meat-free, Poultry-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free, Lactose-free, No added hormones, No added antibiotics, Cruelty-free
    • No: Grass-fed, Vegetarian-fed, Non-GMO-fed, Cage-free, Free-range, Certified humane
  • If a producer indicates that a product is Fat Free, the CLYRscore initially assumes the product is also Low Fat.
  • If a producer indicates that a product is No Cholesterol, the CLYRscore initially assumes the product is also Low Cholesterol.
  • If a producer indicates that a product is entirely free of grains and nuts, the CLYRscore initially assumes the following answers:
    • Yes: Grain-free, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Corn-free, Peanut-free, Wheat-free, Tree nut-free
  • If a producer indicates that a product is manufactured in a facility entirely free of wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and dairy, the CLYRscore initially assumes the following answers:
    • Yes: NMFP soy, NMFP dairy, NMFP wheat, NMFP peanuts, NMFP tree nuts
  •  Important note: any of the assumptions above may be changed by the producer.